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Indian Scrap is a digital market place to trade waste as a commodity aided by pre-defined standard product categories and standard units for trading.

Presently all e-waste products are auctioned in Indian Scrap. Once you register with us, you can choose to trade certain types or all types of e-waste products listed with us.

Indian Scrap is a safe marketplace, provides reduced time cycle for trade, provides transparent automated system, auditability, strong technical support, auction/bidding faculity and attractive offers. From waste buyer perspective they have access to numerous sellers at one place without having to spend time marketing their facility/firm. From seller perspective numerous buyers and offer prices to choose from. There is no waste, everything has value!

Indian Scrap operates over the technical platform of NCDEX eMarkets Ltd (NeML), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCDEX, having major patronage of Government Institutions.

Only registered members are allowed to trade in Indian Scrap.

For getting registered with the Indian Scrap either dial # or write to #

Indian Scrap contract notes contain details of auction parameters, delivery procedures etc., for each product.

Bidder can buy from any seller.

No. Indian Scrap will not reveal the identity of unsuccessful bidders who have participated in the auction.

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