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The Indian Scrap Story

India is battling hard to solve the problem of waste management which is fragmented, complex and inefficient. It is significant opportunity to address US$14 Bn Indian waste management industry to build a sustainable circular economy. It is the need of the hour to reduce the informal recycling to a formal by bridging the digital divide through smart technology solutions.

Indian Scrap is driven by a purpose of bridging the divide in the waste management eco system to bring digital transformation for sustainability and circular economy. Indian Scrap’s innovative digital solution brings both sellers and recyclers on the same platform to enable efficient exchange of waste anywhere anytime with transparency and best commercials, while disrupting the linear economy to encourage circular economy.

Indian Scrap architected the automated smart solution around the pollution control board/ MOEF policies to ensure all the stakeholders are complied with the waste management policies and formalities accompanied with the disposal.

Indian Scrap brings one stop solution services for bulk consumers (corporate, public sector organisations), waste aggregators and seamless business opportunity for the waste recyclers/ processors pan India.

Indian Scrap solution provides much needed reporting, traceability, status of disposals including sustainability reports on real-time basis. We constantly improve our technology and operations to improve ways to achieve Circular Economy and Zero Waste Land-fill to the maximum extent.

Indian Scrap is currently serving multiple industry sectors and established disposals across all Indian states and growing year on year to achieve the vision of Greener planet!

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