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Integrated B2B Cloud platform providing ONE STOP Managed Services to
unlock maximum value upholding Transparency, Compliance and Sustainability

One-Stop Digital Managed Services

Indian Scrap provides “one stop Managed Services through smart digital aggregator technology for corporate (Bulk Consumers), by bringing both Seller and Pan India based Pollution Control Board authorised Buyers” for disposal of all type of Hazardous and Non Hazadous scraps from anywhere anytime.

Services include Asset/ scrap list finalization, Price Discovery through transparent online auction with audit trail, automated work flow from disposal initiation to disposal, online document management, dash board and annual filing support.

All disposals pertaining to Pollution Control Board regulations will be disposed through only Pollution control board authorized buyers. The services include onsite data wiping or data degaussing as per US DoD standards.

Waste Commodity disposal services covers

  • IT Assets/ Ewaste / Solar Panels
  • Lead Battery/ Lithium Battery
  • Plastic & Packaging Materials
  • Textile (cotton and yarn)
  • Rubber products
  • Waste/ used OIL
  • Metal Scraps/ CRCA/ Machineries
  • Office scraps/ furniture

Our pricing discovery solution is flexible as per the Seller requirement supporting Online SEAL/ OPEN bid for instant price discovery or setting up frequency based rate cards as per the market price trend for recurring disposals.

Facility Release Services

Indian Scrap specialized in complete Facility Release including Re-instatement services across India. Our expertise brings best commercial and timely hand-over to the landlord of the facility through a proven Project Management approach. The team has expertise in managing facility release across India with an experience of handling large facilities in one transaction. Our project management principle covers scope definition (asset, dismantling and re-instatement), asset reconciliation, contract documentation, day-today management to manage quality and delivery timeline.

Return on Goods

Indian Scrap provides complete digital solution for disposal of Return of Excess Goods either for sale or Return on damage/ expired goods for recycling/ destruction. Smart digital workflow tracks goods from collection points to disposal destination including submission of certificate of destruction with required audit trails. Main focus is to achieve circular economy wherever possible to avoid carbon emission.

Indian Scrap provide single window with reverse logistics across states through transparent technology solution to collect and dispose as per the compliance set by Pollution Control Board.

Indian Scrap digital dashboard provides instant updates on status of each transaction and linked to document management to trace each documents for future reference.

Advisory Services

Indian Scrap brings vast knowledge on waste management and circular economy opportunities. Indian Scrap provides consulting services on waste audit and implementing industry best practices to achieve UN SDG 2015. Services include:

  • Waste audit aligned to Zero Waste Land-Fill

    We work closely with clients and ecosystem partners to help transition industries to low- carbon energy; reduce the carbon footprint of IT, cloud and software; and design and deliver net-zero, circular supply chains.

  • Sustainability Reporting aligned to UN SDG 2015

    We help our clients build sustainable operating models for the future by new skilling workforces and developing specific sustainability skills for leaders

  • Employee Connect & Awareness

    We conduct customized employee engagement programs to bring awareness and participation on sustainability projects. The programs includes certification and impact assessment as need basis.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility projects

    We collaborate with sustainability teams and corporate social responsibility teams to identify and drive environmental sustainability projects and track the social impact. We do facilitate Donations of assets and take back at the end of its life as per pollution control board norms.

EPR Services

The world's oceans are drowning in plastic. Each year, an estimated 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic waste flows into the seas, with serious negative consequences for marine life. To tackle this crisis, the WWF International Network has set a goal of “No Plastic in Nature by 2030.”

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy in which the manufacturers of the Electronic and Plastic products are made responsible for collecting and processing their products upon the end of their lifetime.

Indian Scrap provide digital take back program to assist Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) targets for the OEMs/ FMCGs through well defined workflow and audit trail and real time dash board.

OEM/Manufacturers/FMCGs can achieve the set targets of their take back without dealing with multiple EPR/ recycler partners instead Indian Scrap provide single window to all the recyclers to satisfy the targets and compliance set by Pollution Control Board.

Indian Scrap simplifies the overall take back process through the well defined collection network through the partner Recyclers/ collectors across states through transparent technology solution.

Indian Scrap digital dashboard provides instant updates on status of each transaction and linked to document management to trace each documents for future reference.

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